To our guests and visitors,

Welcome to Our Lady of Mercy Church.  We invite you to ask questions, consider your participation, and prayerfully discern where the Lord is directing you.

Parishes, in the Catholic tradition, are based on territories and regions. This makes it possible to serve the People of God in that area more effectively which is difficult without a sense of unity.  The Church today, especially in South Florida, is faced with rapidly growing communities where people want a spiritual home, a Catholic education for their children, and a refuge from the many demands of daily life.

Comparing and looking for the right fit in a parish obviously has its challenges and its liabilities for the emphasis can shift from a stable community charged with the spiritual care of the local region to the services typical of a local mall – something for everyone.  The growth of mega-churches is a sign of this desire for “one stop shopping.”

Our  belief at Our Lady of Mercy is that we represent the temple and not the market place.  Here, you will find the language and culture of the worship of God, the companionship necessary for the pilgrimage to the Father which is the journey of a lifetime, and the witness of the Church’s teaching which will always challenge the relativism of the present day while providing the foundation and fonts of our Faith.  It is our prayer, that here you will find stability in the Faith journey.

You are welcome at Our Lady of Mercy: your vocation, given you at baptism, is the true gift you bring to your worship -from that gift will come the joys and hopes, the aspirations of the believer in Jesus Christ.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Father Whittaker